Los Angeles 🌃

Hiking w/ the Sajorda’s! (at Griffith Park)

How do you spell fun? H-A-N-I-E-L!!! 🐶👊 Hahahaha lost our voices, but did everything we wanted to & had the best time at Disneyland & California Adventures for 15 hours 😜 Thank you so much @nighteningale43 for everything! Thank you also to @annamchong & Chad for taking us! & finally thank you to @aaronmkastner & @aznkoc8 for being so down 😂 Never a dull moment throughout the past two days w/ you idiots
#spicyclams #ohding (at Disneyland / California Adventure)

People are saying that we’re getting too fat. But the only thing getting fat is our cheeks because we’re happy & our wallets… Kidding, pizza port & turkey legs are definitely getting to us 😜 ps I puked after taking the picture 😷 #HaNiEl (at Tomorrowland - Disneyland)

🎡 w/ the kiddos! (at OC Fair)

& Happy Birthday Trina!! 💙

A day late, but happy birthday to this little punk!!

Clearly, she loves me 😜


My ladies 😜🔼💪 #kastner (at Surf and Sand Resort)